Author Topic: Windows handle leaks in SlickEdit versions after v25  (Read 2315 times)


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Windows handle leaks in SlickEdit versions after v25
« on: March 07, 2024, 06:58:16 PM »
It appears that SlickEdit v25 is the last version that does not leak handles
on Windows. I have tried v26 and v27 - both of them leak handles
at the rate of hundreds per second even if the editor is completely idle.
After several hours of being open, the editor eventually eats ups all the kernel
space making it impossible for other processes to open any new handles.
At this point the entire system becomes unusable and dies.

The attached screenshot shows the handle count for v25 with about 30 files
open (a mix of Python, Kotlin and TypeScript code). The Task Manager shows
the handle count of a few hundred. More importantly, it does not change at all
when the editor is idle. If I open exactly the same project with exactly
the same set of files in v26 or v27, the Task Manager shows the handle counter
growing rapidly at a constant rate. The rate is very high - hundreds new handles
are open every second.

This indicates that there is a handle leak somewhere in the editor. Most likely,
some background thread is constantly opening new files but does not close them,
leaking the kernel memory.

Just in case, this is on Windows 7 32-bit, although I do not think it matters.