Author Topic: SE v27 loses workspace window positions  (Read 245 times)


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SE v27 loses workspace window positions
« on: June 07, 2024, 03:07:36 PM »
I've been having the problem for at least a year but now it's getting more annoying. I have a workspace that is pointing to a Visual Studio project. I have a main window split vertically with different files open on each side. I also have a floating window on another monitor with multiple tabs. Most of the time when I close and open my project the windows appear in the correct place. But sometimes (which seems more frequent now) the windows are randomly moved around (i.e. some stuff that was on the left is now on the right, or in the floating window, and vice versa). All the windows are open that I expect, just in what appears to be random places. I thought it was just when I went from home (3 external 4k monitors, plus laptop 3840x2400) to work (2 external 4k + laptop). But now even without undocking the window locations can get messed up when I open the workspace. I sometimes have 2 instances of SE open (2nd is a different project) but that doesn't seem to be required for this problem to occur. Can I look at the file that stores the window positions? Any ideas on what might cause this?

I'm running with latest hotfixes on Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2.


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Re: SE v27 loses workspace window positions
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2024, 07:51:53 PM »
They're in the vpwhist workspace file.,18811.msg74616.html#msg74616

I have no idea what would cause it.  If you make the vpwhist file readonly, and open the workspace multiple times, do you get the same results each time?  The file vrestore.slk has similar info in it.  Do you move this file between PCs  - that would cause problems I think.

See also this, dunno if these commands would help you,16601.msg64027.html#msg64027
Enhancements to named auto-restore commands
Commands save_named_files/load_named_files. Writes to windowstate.slk and restores files only.
Commands save_named_layout/load_named_layout. Writes to layoutstate.ini and restores tool windows and tool bars.
Commands save_named_state/load_named_state. Writes to state.ini and restores everything (files, tool windows, toolbars). Anyone
        who previously used saved_named_state/load_named_state will need to use save_named_files/load_named_files instead.