Author Topic: Ability to easily see how to disable a popup  (Read 136 times)

Ken D

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Ability to easily see how to disable a popup
« on: June 21, 2024, 10:47:11 PM »
My request stems from the fact that I always have to hunt through menu after menu to figure out how to disable yet another new pop-up window for weeks each time I upgrade slickedit.

1) Add to every pop-up window a link to the specific entry in the settings maze that controls this pop-up.
      * (If you do not have a setting that controls the popup - then the feature is not complete - so don't ship it!)
2) Bonus points if you can also display the event that triggered the window opening.
3) Even better if you also add the name of the variable that controls that window so I can add _do_new_annoying_distraction = 0 to my custom macros to get rid of it on all of my machines.


I know there is contention between "we added this new feature and no one knows about it unless we turn it on by default" and "this will annoy some people"... but, to be honest, I have started recommending vscode to our new hires instead of slickedit because of the sheer number of unwanted interruptions.

I mean... really???  A popup window that asks if i want to insert "else" or "else if"...

It takes less time to type either of those choices than it does to deal with the interruption of a pop-up that takes my eyes and mind away from what I'm doing.

Or - I'm entering code and the text in the window scrolls and now the mouse is over a number - so - suddenly I am distracted by a pop-up to tell me the hexidecimal value of that number over by the mouse pointer and I was not touching the mouse.

Or the little pop-up with the word "Block" as the title showing up for no reason I can discern.

Do the long term slickedit insiders really run with all of these features turned on?   How do they focus?

...end rant.

Ken D.