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Repeat Keystrokes with the *argument* Command


Use the argument command to repeat a keystroke or a macro if it is bound to a key. First, display the command line by pressing Esc. Then type argument followed by the number of times you want the keystroke repeated. Press Enter, then press the keystroke you want to repeat. For example, to extend a block selection down column 1 in 500 pages of code without having to hold the PageDown key, create the block selection, press Esc and type argument 500 on the command line, press Enter, then press PageDown.

See “argument” in the Help Index (Help > Index) for more information.

I know of a similar command repeat_key, which does pretty much the same.  It works universally across different emulation types.

The way it works is:

1) execute this command, either manually typing it in the command line, or have it bound to a key stroke and execute it via that key stroke.
2) type in the number of times you want to repeat the key.
3) type the key.


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