Author Topic: user defined tags (similar to codewright outline parser)  (Read 14405 times)


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Re: user defined tags (similar to codewright outline parser)
« Reply #15 on: September 25, 2007, 07:28:55 am »
Hi Guys,

now I managed to change the used tag icon, wasn't really complicated just add something like this:

  tag_flags = VS_TAGFLAG_inclass;

It's just the question what you like to have in the tag window.

But my main problem is that I haven't found where to hook into the c_proc_search. If I use
a own c_proc_search this won't be used. So my next idea was to refer the c extension
to an own extionsion (like xyz) and than call the original c routines, but check before own
search function. C extension can't be refered:-(.

Any one an idea where to hook a own search algorithm for c extensions (only with macros, there is no plan to write a dll), it should be extend the original c_proc_search and not replace ?

Something like this should be possible too:

  // check own search function
 if (xyz_proc_search(...)!=0)

but where is the hook? ???