Author Topic: Remote debugging assumes local exe  (Read 2004 times)


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Remote debugging assumes local exe
« on: September 21, 2007, 05:54:21 pm »
I have a project which cross-compiles, under Cygwin, to a PPC Linux application. When I run the debugger and get the Attach Debugger dialog I click the '...' button to select a file. If the file is already filled in (because of a previous debugging session, maybe) SE pops up a message to say it can't find the file, even though the file does exist exactly as displayed in the drop-down. This is before I actually browse to the file, incidentally.

If I add '.exe' to the target file on-disk (i.e. copy the real one and add the extension) then SE doesn't complain. It's automatically appending '.exe' when it goes looking for the file. It shouldn't do this since most non-Windows applciations will have no extension at all.

Further, I'm not sure that it should go looking for anything at this point because I'm going to point it at the right file, so therefore it shouldn't be pre-empting my choice. Further, the failure error means the ultiimate file dialog starts in the project root directory (which is better than the project files directory, thanks!). If it doesn't fail (because I fake a .exe in the right place) then it correctly drops me into the directory of the file it's looking for.

Someone else mentioned the number of mouse clicks necessary to get debugging started, and this pointless error just adds another one to make the whole thing rather tedious. It does have the single advantage that one tries not to need the debugger when writing code  ;)