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Multiple Searches - Feature Suggestion


One of the neat new features of SE 11 is the ability to save search results in their own window. However, this is only good if you foresee before you do the search that this will be needed and SE reverts to using an existing window with every search. Would it be possible to allow new window as the default and to delete old searches automatically or something?

Hmm, when starting to use this exceptional feature the same idea came into my mind.
And in principle I'm sure / I know it's possible.

On the flipside you'll get flooded with Search<0> .. <57> - Tabs soon !
For me it's much more annoying fighting against (closing) the always newly created tabs...

So I decided to get used to re-check the complete dialog carefully before activating 'Find/Replace'.
It's anyway better, because at the beginning I missed e.g. the (extremely powerful) 'Color'-coding settings quite often and got 'no hits' even with the pattern I want to search just in front of me...

@SlickTeam: Would be great, if the 'Color' button is set to e.g. 'Modfied' color if set (@see File tabs).



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