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Indenting with templated types


Hi, I have a question about how to get indentation to work correctly in the presence of templates.

Here is my problem.  Let's say I have a thing of type FooBar, templated on type Baz, and I want to return an instance of it from a function:

return FooBar<Baz>( a_long_string_of_text_follows );

Then I decide that this really needs to be split up onto multiple lines.  The coding convention at my workplace is to do the following:

return FooBar<Baz>(
    a_long_string_of_text_follows );

Basically, it should be shifted one tab over on the new line.

Unfortunately, when I hit enter following the open paren, I get

return FooBar<Baz>(
                           a_long_string_of_text_follows );

Since we use a lot of templates, this is unbelievably annoying.

I thought I'd solved my problem by going to Tools->Options->File Extensions Setup, going to the Advancedc tab, and then adding '>' to the list of "word chars".  Unfortunately, this hoses tagging for things like foo->bar().  Frustrating.

Is there a way to get this to work as I'd like it to?

SlickEdit Support:
Hi Alex, and all,

Here's a fix file that should remove this annoyance for you.

1.)  Make a backup copy of slickedit\macros\c.e
2.)  Extract and Save the attached c.e file (from attached to your slickedit\macros directory.
3.)  In SlickEdit, load this file by navigating to it via Macro-->Load Module.

Hope this helps.
SlickEdit Support

Thanks, so far it's been working great!


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