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Substring matching when switching buffers


Quick feature request: make it so when you're typing in the name of a buffer to switch to, it searches on arbitrary substrings. Many of our files are prependend with the same stuff, so I'm forever typing in 3-8 characters before I can start typing in the relevant part of the file name. So, for example, if I want to switch to the buffer BioMakeSnafucated, but I've also got BioMakeGibblated and BioMakeCrufty, I want to just type 'sna' to start selecting a buffer.

Good proposal ! I'd extend this to all other tree widgets/toolbars (e.g. 'Defs').
(I assume you mean the (new) type-ahead find feature in the 'Defs'/'Projects'/etc. toolbars.)
Maybe following the TotalCommander way ;)
Using a preceeding '*' for non-prefixmatch find.


This sounds like a good feature to me too, but it sounds like I also don't know about the already-implemented feature that sounds pretty good--what command lets you switch  between buffers using names?  I'm trying to search the help files, but I'm not finding anything.

There are some useful list-boxes invoked by the various 'list-xxxx' commands.
As an ex brief user I can't live w/o 'Alt-B' bound to 'list-buffers'.
For not yet loaded files I use 'project-load' bound to another shortcut.
This obviously requires that you work with Projects...

But since v11.01 you can also use the 'Projects' toolbar quite well for quick-find-and-edit a file.
Just activate it using the mouse or by shortcut (bound to 'activate-projects-files') and start typing.
And press <ENTER> if you got it.
Same applies to 'activate-project-open' when editing non-project files.

Shortcuts ? -> 'Tools->Options->Key Bindings' dialog ;)



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