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German Umlaute in MacOS

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Hello Rodney,
thank you for the prompt reply. Your solutions both work, but not if I use the "Open local files as FTP" Dialog in the FTP window. I can select "Western Europe" but the setting is ignored. However this is a big improvement for me. Thank you again for your  help.

Definitely a bug and will definitely be fixed in the next patch/release (sorry, no date). In the meantime, you can load the attached hotfix macro to correct the problem with "Open Local Files as FTP".

1) Backup slickedit/macros/ftpopen.e
2) Copy attached ftpopen.e to same location
3) Load slickedit/macros/ftpopen.e from Macro>Load Module in SlickEdit


Ah, works like a charm. Thank you very much for the hotfix.


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