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Highlight the Current Line
« on: November 15, 2007, 02:33:51 pm »
Global and extension-specific line highlights are available:

  • On a global basis, you can surround the current line with a dotted box, or a box with tab stops, syntax indent levels, or decimal points. To do this, click Tools > Options > General, select the General tab, then select an option in the Current line highlight box. You can also change the color of the box outline and column markers by clicking on the color cubes.
  • On an extension-specific basis, you can highlight the current line with a background color through the use of Color Coding. From the main menu, click Tools > Options > File Extension Setup. Use the Extension drop-down to select an extension, then click the Advanced tab. In the Color coding box, select Current line. To change the color of the highlight, click Tools > Options > Color, and in the Screen elements list, select Current Line. Then click the Backround color square to choose a new color.