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Improve Slow Menu Response
« on: November 20, 2007, 02:37:47 PM »
Sometimes when you have a project with a large number of makefiles, you may notice that menus are slow to respond. This happens because SlickEdit collects the names of all the targets in each makefile and adds them to menus for build purposes (whether or not you are using SlickEdit to build). To resolve this issue, change the def_show_makefile_target_menu configuration variable to either 0 or 2. A value of 0 disables all makefile submenus (Build menu and Project tool window), and a value of 2 enables makefile submenus only in the Project tool window (Build menu makefile targets are disabled). The default value, 1, specifies that all makefile submenus are enabled.

To change the value of a configuration variable, from the main menu, click Macro > Set Macro Variable. Select the variable to change from the drop-down list, enter the value in the Value field, then click OK.

NOTE This behavior will be changed in the next release so that despite the number of makefiles in your project, there will not be a slow-down in menu response times.