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Diff Only Functions
« on: November 27, 2007, 02:27:02 PM »
Using DIFFzilla®, you can compare just the functions in two files. This lets you easily see which functions have been modified, added, or deleted. Comparing only the functions can be useful when a function has moved, or when the file itself has changed so much that diffing the whole thing is too confusing.

To use this feature:
1. Open DIFFzilla (from the main menu, click Tools > File Difference, or use the diff command on the SlickEdit command line).
2. Enter the files to compare in the Path 1 and Path 2 boxes.
3. In the Diff Type area, select Symbols.
4. Click OK. The Multi-File Diff Output dialog opens, displaying the differences on a symbol level.
5. Select an item in the list and click Diff to compare just those two functions with results displayed in the Diff output dialog.