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Annotations problem
« on: November 30, 2007, 02:50:35 pm »

I have a workspace with several projects.  The projects are in a variety of directories, but all on the same drive.
For example:
│  └──MainApp
│     └──Core
│        └──Src
│  └──ComponentA
│     └──Dev
The workspace file is in MainApp, and the project files are in MainApp, ComponentA, and ComponentB.

I have 6 Comment annotations and 1 Task annotation.

I added an annotation to a file in MainApp\Core\Src; when I try to go to the source location (via the Code Annotations toolbar window), I get an error message saying
"Could not find C:\Temp\Example\Work6\ComponentA\Work\MainApp\Core\Src\filename.cpp"

5 of 6 Annotations have this problem.  The one annotation that does not produce error goes to the wrong location in the file.
When I try to go to the Task annotation, I get a Slick-C stack dump.

What am I doing wrong?  This seemed like a very useful facility for keeping track of a complicated feature implementation across components, but it seems my workspace is too complex for it.

Thanks for any advice on how to make this work...

I just filled in the structure above with a file in each project, and the annotation facility seems to be working as expected (very cool!).  I'll try deleting the problem annotation files and starting over.  It appears that somehow the comments got confused as to whether they were Workspace or Project annotations.
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