Author Topic: Open/Create Files with the *e* Command  (Read 7583 times)


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Open/Create Files with the *e* Command
« on: December 06, 2007, 03:05:08 PM »
The quickest way to open an existing file or to create a new file is to use the e command. Open the SlickEdit command line (press Esc or click in the message area), type e file (where file is the name of the file you want to create or open), then press Enter. This creates or opens the file in a new buffer.

Additional tips:
  * If you're opening a file, you need to use the full path or your working directory must contain the file.
  * Put quotes around the file name if it contains spaces.
  * Command Line Completions automatically assist with entering paths.
  * If Completion prevents you from typing a space, press Shift+Space.
  * The e command has lots of options. See "e" in the Help > Index for more information.