Author Topic: .lua predefined lexer specification (does one exist)?  (Read 14593 times)


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Re: .lua predefined lexer specification (does one exist)?
« Reply #15 on: March 05, 2008, 01:53:20 am »
I believe this is in SE 13 (i.e. SE 2008).

John Hurst
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Re: .lua predefined lexer specification (does one exist)?
« Reply #16 on: March 06, 2008, 02:24:44 pm »
SlickEdit 2008 will have some Lua support and it is currently available in Beta 2.  Currently, the lexer is available for color coding(1), and there is some limited support available for Context Tagging, including Lua built-in functions and standard libraries.   There currently is no support for syntax expansions, syntax indenting, or SmartPaste, but we are planning on adding more enhancements in the followup point releases.

We'll also look to improve the Context Tagging information in future releases.  The grammar is straightforward enough to parse, but it is difficult and sometimes impossible infer context information with just static analysis(2).  Function signatures are easy enough to match, and scoping is very well defined for this language.  We will look to improve where we can.

Since we'll be planning schedules for point releases very soon, you should probably go ahead and shout out any requests/features/wishes regarding Lua support.  Post them here, I'll read and collect them, then break out the dart board and see which ones make it on the schedule  ;).

(1) - Color coding support does handle level 0 long format (multi-line) comments and strings (--[[ comment ]], [[ string ]]), but does not currently handle multi-level ones (ex. --[=[ comment ]=], [===[string]===]).

(2) - This not just limited to Lua, but providing Context Tagging on any dynamically typed language is a difficult task.