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Stopping the search prompt when playing a keyboard macro


When I record a keyboard macro, in v10 and previous version I had it set so that if I did a search while recording the macro, when I played it back it would use that search instead of prompting me again for a new one. Some how when I upgraded to v11 that stopped working and now when I playback a keyboard macro that has a search I get prompted.

How do I set it back to not prompt me during macro playback?

contrived example just to try to make it clear. In v10 or previous I'd

1) press F7 (in brief mode) to start recording a macro
2) press F5 (search in brief mode) to do a search.
3) type in "float" and press enter
4) type "*" (so float becomes float*)
5) press F7 (in brief mode) top stop recording the macro

then to playback the last macro I'd press F8.  In v10 pressing F8 would instantly search for "float" and put a "*" after it. In v11 when I press F8 I get prompted for a search making keyboard macros with search in them not very useful for me.

Have you updated to version 11.0.1 yet?  There was an issue with the initial release in 11.0.0 regarding the new search and replace dialogs and macro recording, and was addressed with the 11.0.1 release.  If this is an issue in 11.0.1, then please forward this to, they'll take it from there.


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