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Annotations problem
« on: December 20, 2007, 02:04:32 pm »
SlickEdit 12.0.3, hotfix 29, WinXP

I have a workspace in c:\work6\WFS.  It has several projects in subdirectories of c:\work6\WFS.
It also contains this project: c:\work10\WFS\container.vpj.

I was having a problem navigating to workspace annotations.  Looking in the .sca file, I found:
<MarkerInfo fileName="\Work10\WFS\CORE\SRC\WFSTable.cpp" basePath="C:\Work6\WFS\" lineNumber="548" lineCount="1">

When I try to go to this annotation, I get the message:
Could not find C:\Work6\WFS\\Work10\WFS\CORE\SRC\WFSTable.cpp.

Am I doing something wrong?

(Strange:  The Code Annotations toolbar in VisStudio 2005 seems to work correctly...)

I edited the .sca file outside of SlickEdit, setting basePath="" for all entries.  Problem still exists.

Update, the second:
I edited the .sca file outside of SlickEdit, and fixed the fileName to be relative to the basePath.

<MarkerInfo fileName="..\..\Work10\WFS\CORE\SRC\WFSTable.cpp" basePath="C:\Work6\WFS\" lineNumber="548" lineCount="1">

That solved the problem, until I closed and re-opened the workspace.  It appears that on saving the workspace .sca file, the "..\.." is removed from the filename, making my workspace annotation file very unreliable.

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