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New Blog Post: QA Deathmatch
« on: January 09, 2008, 02:23:33 PM »
QA Deathmatch

I’ve worked previously at several companies that didn’t have a QA department available. When the code freeze happened, all of the developers would go into QA mode. We’d then spend the next few weeks testing the features, and typically each developer would test their own. It was possibly the most feared and hated time of the year.

If you’re familiar with Quake, or pretty much any other FPS, then you know about the deathmatch. It’s my single favorite type of game and, in it’s own way, is really therapeutic when the stress of development, or testing, gets you down. A lot of the other developers I worked with at one point also loved to deathmatch and we used to play during lunch. When testing time came around, we found a way to make it fun… QA Deathmatch.

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