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Use the Word at the Cursor as the Search String


When performing a search or replace with the Find and Replace tool window, SlickEdit can use the word at the cursor as the initial search/replace string. For example, press Ctrl+F and the word closest to the cursor is displayed in the Search for field of the Find and Replace tool window. To enable this option, from the main menu, click Tools > Options > General, then select the Search tab and select the option Word at cursor.

Note that if the option Selected text (if exists) is checked, the currently selected text is used as the search/replace string instead. In this case, the word at the cursor is only used if there is no current selection.

Update (version

From main menu select "tools\options"

From tree select "Editing\Search"

Set "Initialize search string" to "Word at Cursor".

Doesn't seem to work for Emacs's incremental search.

Bob Lee:
If I hit Ctrl-F, SE selects the letter following the cursor effectively creating a selection if there is none, or extending a selection I have made.  Is there anyway to turn that off.  It requires that I use the mouse to do almost all of my searches and replacements.


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