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Slickedit Presentation
« on: August 16, 2006, 08:40:30 am »

I'm supposed to showcase Visual Slickedit to other developers in my group.
The purpose is to get them to convert from XEmacs/vi or whatever they use (Our application is developed under SGI's Irix).

Some of these people have been using their editors for years and are pretty much locked-in.

What would you reccomend I should highlight in my presentation?
What are the features that would convince people to migrate and spend a learning period on this product?

My company licensed slickedit 9. So my presentation must be based around features that are available to that version.
This is a very big company that would have no problem upgrading to the latest version if there was such a demand from the devs.
(Hopefully, after my presentation, there will be such demand)

Are there any good learning resources available for slickedit newbies?
(I personally, do not mind diving in and learning things the hard-way, but most of the people I would be presenting to, will not share my enthusiasm)

Your help would be very appreciated.


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Re: Slickedit Presentation
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2006, 10:40:59 am »

Here are the cool features that really drew me to the product (back at Version 6).

1.  Set up a project and show all of the "global search and replace", the "find definition" and "find reference" features, and the project tags.

2.  Show them column editing!

3.  Give a good overview of DiffZilla and the "compare directories"... very useful stuff!

4.  I don't use it much, but selective displays are kind of interesting... and the built-in HEX editor is a MUST for any developer.

5.  If you gen a bunch of new code (as opposed to reuse/modify), the aliases for "filecomment" and "functioncomment" are useful... as are any other aliases you can create.

6.  Since you're saying that they're all vi/emacs guys, let them know about the command line (even if you don't use it)... they'll eat that thing up!

7.  Macros are always fun for doing repetitive things.

8.  And last but certainly not least... let them know about this forum!  Hours of fun... I'm addicted!

Best of luck converting the gray-beards!


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Re: Slickedit Presentation
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2006, 09:34:26 pm »
Hi heedless,

I imagine the first thing that I should mention is that SlickEdit has an Emacs as well as a Vi-VIM emulation that you can work with by going to Tools-->Options-->Emulation.

We have put together a list of some of the features that we know our Power Users take advantage of and wanted to make sure that all of our Users are aware of them.  MOST of them can be found in v9, with the exceptions being Comment Wrapping, Code Templates.  Virtually all of the other features can be found in v9, and more than likely have been expanded/improved as we continue the evolution of SlickEdit.

Every SlickEdit installation has a \docs directory with the User Guide as well as a Getting Started Guide.

At our FAQ page, , you will find more "How to" information about using SlickEdit, as well as some troubleshooting info.

Below is a list of other things that Users were looking for on another thread here on the Community page that I've posted here as well as some information from the v9 readme.

•   open/edit files up to 2GB                                    -yes
•  syntax highlighting for:
      •   C/C++                                                             - yes
      •   Java                                                                 - yes
      •   Java Script                                                      - yes
      •   Visual Basic                                                    - yes
      •   Perl/CGI                                                          - yes
      •   HTML                                                               - yes
      •   SQL                                                                 - yes
      •   Tcl/Tk                                                              - yes
      •   XML                                                                 - yes
      •  Customize highlighting for any language        -yes
•  file compare/Diffzilla                                              - Definitely!  Whole Directory compare... very powerful!   
•  code templates                                                       - Yes
•  commenting/uncommenting code                         - Yes
•  text sort                                                                   - Yes
•  normal and columnar text selection                       - Yes, very easy to do, not clunky at all
•  bookmarks                                                              - Yes
•  search and replace with regular expressions         - Yes
•  search and replace text in all open files                - Yes... and more!  Search and replace throughout project
•  incremental search with text emphasizing             - Ctrl+I
•  C/Java-style block auto indent/outdent                  - Yes
•  Ability to plug in external compilers                        - Yes

Dual Monitor Support--SlickEdit now enables developers to take advantage of the extra real estate provided by dual monitors.  SlickEdit remembers window locations and, once an item has been moved to a particular monitor, will display that item on the correct monitor in future sessions.

Full Screen Editing Mode--The new full screen editing mode in SlickEdit allows developers to expand the edit window to the full size of the screen to provide additional coding real estate. Full screen editing is particularly useful when the developer is editing large files but does not need SlickEdit toolbars and windows at that time.

CodeWright Emulation--SlickEdit now includes CodeWright emulation, which provides CodeWright users with the ability to keep their familiar key bindings and easily migrate to SlickEdit.

Softwrap--The new Softwrap feature SlickEdit enables the developer to easily view long lines of code without scrolling. The line is wrapped as though a carriage return was inserted, however, the file itself is not modified.

Background Search--SlickEdit now includes a background search capability, which allows the developer to continue editing while the search is being performed.  All of the powerful search features in SlickEdit, such as color or regular expression search, are available in background searches.

Limit Tag Display--Large files, particularly XML files, may have a very large number of tags. The limit tag display feature in SlickEdit limits the number of tags displayed so that the Defs Tab (formerly called the Procs Tab) is not overly large.

Backup History--SlickEdit now provides a backup history, which is a powerful mechanism to view and restore previously saved versions of a file.  By using backup history, developers can easily revert to a previous version that was not checked into version control.

Multiple Last-Recorded Macro--SlickEdit now includes a new command called execute_last_macro_key() to allow developers to quickly bind recorded macros to a set of keys, such as Ctl+0 through Ctl+9.
    To use this feature:  Bind execute_last_macro_key to the keys that you wish to be able to run recorded macros on.  Ctl+0...Ctl+9 are typical.         When recording a macro, press the key that you wish to bind it to when you stop recording.  For example, when done recording press Ctl+3 to bind the newly recorded macro to that key.  Subsequent key presses of this key will run that macro.

DIFFzilla Retain Settings--When run from the command line, the DIFFzilla differencing system now retains settings for screen size and location as it has done from within SlickEdit.

Hope this info helps you and post here again if you have any usability questions.  We'll get to it if we can, but as you can see, your fellow Community Members have a firm grip on using SlickEdit and getting the most out of it that they can.

SlickEdit Support

P.S.--Note on Dswag89's post.
2.)  Column Selection and editing--BRILLIANT.  Right Click to select a block and edit (or for those that are mouse sensitive), simply use Ctrl+B in most emualtions to lock the cursor and then create a block selection with your arrow keys.

6.)  The SlickEdit command line?  An unbelievable time-saver, mouse movement saver, etc.  Hit Escape (in most emulations) and you can run any SlickEdit command-- ie:  save-all without having to go to the File-->Save All menu item.  There is more info on the command line at the bottom of the Cool Features link in the above content.  It is much more powerful than simply being able to save-all!


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Re: Slickedit Presentation
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2006, 10:34:41 am »
Thanks for your very helpful information.