Author Topic: .process replaces program text  (Read 3255 times)


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.process replaces program text
« on: September 05, 2006, 02:58:33 pm »
Whenever I compile, build, or execute a program, the output replaces the text of my program. It appears in the "Build" window below the editor as well and I'd like it to stay there. It's really annoying when it replaces my text. I'm using Visual SlickEdit Version 8.0 on Windows XP.



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Re: .process replaces program text
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2006, 03:20:13 pm »
That bug may have been fixed in the 8.0.1 patch -- if you did not apply the patch, you should contact for help, however 8.0 is no longer officially supported.

Maybe it's about time to take a look at the 11.0.2 trial and see what you have been missing all these years!