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Mode shifting for un-assigned file types

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  I've playing with Slickedit 10.0.3, and I've recently corrupted something which is driving me a bit crazy.  I have Slickedit in Emacs emulation mode.  When I open a file whose type is not configured (such as a file named README), I get dropped into a mode where the emacs key bindings don't work.  Using the file menu I can save and close the file.  When I get back to a file with a known extension, such as .pl, the key binding again start working.

   I bumped into Scott W. at Linuxworld, and he recommended blowing away the configuration in My Slickedit Config.  I did so, and all I now get is an dialog box saying "Macro file vslick.sta not found".  Any advice on how to get Slickedit back and running?


SlickEdit Support:
1) Exit out of SlickEdit
2) RENAME the config directory and all other previous SlickEdit config directories (the location is listed in your Help-->About SlickEdit...  dialog) - this will be your backup config directory.  You may also need to rename all other SlickEdit config directories that you may have.  The default for Windows is C:\Documents and Settings\userName\My Documents\My SlickEdit Config\
3) Restart SlickEdit (a new configuration will be created, putting you back into an out-of-box state)

I changed "My SlickEdit Config" to "My SlickEdit Config.old", and slickedit will not start with error "Macro file vslick.sta not found".

Any other suggestions?


ScottW, VP of Dev:
Hi Scott,

It was great talking with you at LinuxWorld! Sorry if my advice was unclear and led you to trouble. What we're trying to get you to do is to empty the contents of the version-named config directory. In my case, for version 10.0.3 that would be ".../My Document/My SlickEdit Config/10.0.3". Do this while SlickEdit is closed. When SlickEdit starts it will see the empty config directory and will create a default installation.  If you delete the 10.0.3 directory, SlickEdit will attempt to create a config based on a previous version. By renaming "My SlickEdit Config", I think SlickEdit will get quite confused. As always, make a backup of the config directory before you make any changes.

That should get you up and running. Let me know if you have any further issues.


Hi Scott,

Well, I can't get slickedit to run unless it can find the vslick.sta file.  I've tried removing:
   ...\My SlickEdit Config\10.0.3\*
   ...\My SlickEdit Config\*
   ...\My SlickEdit Config

In all three cases, SlickEdit failed to start because it couldn't find vslick.sta. 

In terms of the original problem, I'm noticing that the key bindings are reverting to default.  For example, I expect view buffers to be ctrl-X, ctrl-B; however, for file with an unknown extension Ctrl+Shift+B works.  I think the event which triggered this state has to do with loading XML files - probably XML files which don't fully comply with the XML specification.  I'm migrating to a new computer, so I'll see if I can reproduce the problem on a second computer.



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