Author Topic: Why does SlickEdit insert "/**/" when I type "/*" ?  (Read 5378 times)


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Why does SlickEdit insert "/**/" when I type "/*" ?
« on: February 12, 2008, 02:56:18 pm »
This is to make it possible to create a multi-line comment without temporarily commenting out all the code from the /* to the end of the file or to the end of  the next already existing multi-line comment. This makes it possible to keep your file in a syntacticly correct state. This allows you to use things like tag navigation or statement navigation to move to the location where you want to end the comment. When you type */ in order to close the comment, the editor will search backwards for a matching /**/ and patch things up by deleting the */ characters. The unique thing about this technique is that it gives you the benefit of keeping your code syntactically correct without actually changing what you type to create a comment at all. You still type /*, then move your cursor down, then type */, just like you did before.