Author Topic: about CVS and SlickEdit crash  (Read 3954 times)


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about CVS and SlickEdit crash
« on: August 19, 2006, 04:24:15 am »
I have used SlickEdit for three weeks. It is a very good tool.
But I need your help to resolve some problems.
Following is my environment:
Window XP professional
SlickEdit v11.0.1.
I use CVS as source control.
My workspace is composed of some projects, one of them depends on other projects, I name it main project. Each project has its own makefile. I use GNU MAKE.

Following is the problems.
1. When I setup CVS, I have selected "Use CVS status for file bitmaps on project toolbar". But I don't find any change.
2. When rebuild the main project, SlickEdit often crashes. I found the project has been build over, but SlickEdit hangs up when it try to display command prompt. I have to kill SlickEidt form task manager.
3. When I double click a compile error in the build window, Find file dialog box popped. This file has always been add the project. I known this file isn't in the current directory.
Can't SlickEdit search the file in the workspace?