Author Topic: Mixing vpj and vcproj in one vpw  (Read 5672 times)

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Mixing vpj and vcproj in one vpw
« on: August 17, 2006, 11:54:49 pm »
I've been using a working Visual Studio 2003 sln file within SlickEdit, and as long as I use MSFT tools to modify MSFT files, everything works fine.  Recently someone gave me a VPW, which references few VPJ files, to which I wanted to add a couple of the VCPROJ files I've been using.
I tried "Insert Project into Workspace", but that doesn't allow me to select anything but a VPJ.  That's not what I want...  Then I remembered that there is a VPJ that simply references the VCPROJ created when opening an SLN file, so I found that VPW and added it to the workspace.  The tagging dialog popped up, and the symbols defined in the files contained in the VCPROJ are correctly parsed, so Goto Definition and Goto Reference work, but the Projects pane just has the project icon, there are no files visible in the project.  Is this a bug or a feature?   ;)