Author Topic: Much disappointment with both versions 12 and 13 (beta)  (Read 4848 times)


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Much disappointment with both versions 12 and 13 (beta)
« on: March 04, 2008, 11:22:05 pm »
Shortly after upgrading from 11 to 12, I began to see problems with C++ tagging. I could not navigate to symbol definitions as I had been able to do before. I decided to try 13 (beta) to see if it would behave better, but it did not. I have since been struggling along without proper navigation capability. A co-worker whom had expressed similar frustration after upgrading to version 11 just came to me to say that he had decided to revert back to version 11, and things began working properly again.

I posted details of my trouble with version 13 some time ago on this forum, after being directed to do so by one of the SlickEdit telephone support reps. Though the post was viewed many times, it never received a single reply. I am also about to switch back to version 11 very soon, unless something can be done to remedy this very serious limitation in the newer versions  :(


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Re: Much disappointment with both versions 12 and 13 (beta)
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2008, 03:44:45 am »
Hi bereid, I've to say that I didn't experience this kind of trouble with v12 at least.
As far as I can see v12 is considered as 'one of the best releases ever'... and that's also my opinion :)
However, I think a possible reason why nobody replied to your problem report could be that you didn't post any detailed information (especially the example cpp/h files you've prepared).
Hence nobody could do a cross-check to confirm the problem/give some advise/provide a solution.

What about posting the simple example you've prepared and the information about the compiler config. you're using ?
If there is some advanced preprocessing involved your 'usercpp.h' file would be also useful.