Author Topic: deferred breakpoints not working?  (Read 3746 times)


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deferred breakpoints not working?
« on: December 18, 2007, 01:16:34 pm »

I am current evaluating the trial version and one thing I found disturbing was debugging .so projects. When starting the debug run SlickEdit (via gdb 6.4) complains that it cannot resolve the breakpoints and deactivates them. When the application is running I can set the breakpoints and they do work - however setting a single breakpoint causes a delay of 30 - 40 seconds. The app seems to run fine meanwhile but SlickEdit is stalled ... so is the debugging process obviously.

If I run gdb from e.g. Emacs everything works fine. I can set the breakpoints before launching the app. gdb then says it cannot yet resolve the breakpoints but asks whether to keep the breakpoints pending until the requested .so has been loaded.

Now my two questions are: How can I prevent SlickEdit from disabling my breakpoints in a .so project when starting the debug run to keep them as deferred break points. Or, alternatively, how can I prevent this showstopping delay from happening when setting the breakpoints at runtime?

As debugging works well with Emacs and gdb (except for the lack of a decent GUI *g*) I see no reason why this should not be possible when using SlickEdit.

Thanks for the help.