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When I try to use SlickEdit's on-line help, I frequently get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".  This happens whether I use Help->Search, or the Index tab, or a button on a dialog.
For some topics, nothing at all is displayed.

Is my help file corrupt, or is this a WinXP problem?  Is there a way to re-install just the help files?


I occasionally get these problems but mostly the help works ok.
I guess you're using slick V11.0.1. and Win XP SP2
Which version of html help do you have  - mine is version 5.2.3790.2744 (select "about HTML help" from system menu).

Which version of Internet Explorer - I have IE6 version 6.0.2900.2180.  I tried IE7 beta but didn't like it, but had it installed at the time I tried slick V11 beta sw and HTML help gave me "page unavailable" for everything.

Which help index entries don't work for you?  I just tried from "abort" down to "Ada Beautifier dialog box" with no problems, on Win XP SP2.

I remember someone reported a problem like this a while back on lazyhacker but I can't remember the solution.


This may not be causing or related to your problem, but I thought I would post about it just in case.

There is a known Microsoft issue with chm files located on a server not working properly. Here is a an article I found about it:

"Since the introduction of Microsoft Security Update 896358, chm files located on a server will not work properly, most commonly clicking a topic in the TOC gets a Page Cannot Be Displayed message."

- Lisa

Thanks for the replies.
HTML Help Control is 5.2.3790.2744.
IE 7 beta 2.  (I suspect this is the problem...)

"About SlickEdit", "Active form" give error.  "Active object" topics display nothing.

I looked at the article Lisa linked to, but I don't think that applies.

I removed IE 7, and that appears to have fixed the problem.

However, on the Project Properties dialog, the Help button doesn't do anything for the Compile/Link, Dependencies, and Open tabs.

It appears those buttons do not have help entries set for them. Also, our help on that dialog isn't the best. It appears the help is divided into two spots. If you use the TOC to navigate the help, part of the help is at Create > Project Properties, and the rest is under Build > Configuration. We plan to create better help for Projects in v12 and fix these help issues.

- Lisa


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