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Changing VSLICKCONFIG on Windows


Using VSlick 11.0.1 on Windows...

My company has setup our My Documents directory so that they're network shares.  (ooh, easy backup)

The downside is that there's occasional network latency and such which makes slickedit unhappy (that and doing file swapping and such over the share is bad).

according to help, you're not supposed to change VSLICKCONFIG in the vslick.ini file... I've tried "setting" the value from within the program itself but a restart just set it back.  Where can I actually, safely, change this value at?

Due to the fact that this is the 'root' setting you've to add
a VSLICKCONFIG env. variable e.g in your USERPROFILE.


Also, if you launch SlickEdit consistently using a shortcut, you can just add the "-sc" option to the command line for the shortcut.  For example, my shortcut for launching SlickEdit has the following "target":

E:\slickedit-11.0.1\win\vs.exe -sc e:\slickedit-11.0.1\config\ +new

This eliminates the need for setting VSLICKCONFIG.


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