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Command line options for vsdiff v9.x?


I'm looking for command line options for the vsdiff function for the 9.0.4 release of SlickEdit. Specifically, is there a command line option that lets me tell vsdiff to do a recursive diff of two directory trees? Thanks.

- Ian

This for VS11.0.1, but you might try it to see if it works.  They indicate to use something like:

vsdiff -t -filespec "*.c *.h" c:\path1 c:\path2

The -t option tells it to recurse subdirectories.
The -filespec option indicates the file types to look for (in this case *.c and *.h).
The other two entities are (obviously) the paths to compare.



Thanks for the tip. I might just have to upgrade after all.

- Ian


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