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Ctrl+/ Key Binding


I've got my SlickEdit 11.0.1 config messed up and can't get it fixed.  Right now, CTRL+/ is bound to "cf" which if you right-click in the editor you see is "Show <symbol> in Class Browser".  I thought taht CTRL+/ was supposed to be bound to "Go To Reference".  I have tried a few iterations but can't find the proper command that I need to re-bind this key sequence.

Can anyone help?


It sounds like you are asking for the command that should be bound to Ctrl+/ for the "Go to References" functionality?
In my (mostly) CUA binding, Ctrl+/ is bound to 'push-ref'.

Thanks! [thumbs-up]

That was what I was looking for.  I'm fairly certian I chose CUA bindings, but this one has gotten "corrupted" to go to the class browser.  Thanks for giving me the right command!


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