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Enter key changed behavior

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My enter key behaves differently than it used to and how I like.  Using ISPF emulation, I would like the enter key to execute the line commands.  It now gives me a new line and does not execute the line commands.

I can get the right-ctrl key or ctrl-enter to execute the line commands, but I cannot get the enter key to work that way.


First question, what language mode are you in?  Cobol, C, Ada, Assembler, PL/I?  Do you have this problem in all modes or just particular ones?

To verify that Enter is bound to the the correct command, Go to "Help" > "What is Key" and press Enter.  It should be ispf-enter, c_enter, cobol-enter or some other language specific "enter" key.

Thanks for the reply.  This is getting more mysterious.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. I am using slickedit in C++ mode.
2. When I click on Help and hit enter I get <nothing>.  If I click the mouse, I get a list of associations.
3. After I shut my system down (I normally don't do that very often), it came back behaving as I wanted.  It apparently "fixed" itself, which is not necessarily a good thing.  I am very suspicious of things that fix themselves.
4. When I click on Help-Keys, I get the pop-up, "Help item 'ispf keys; not found.

Thanks again for your help,

If you have SlickEdit 11.0 or newer, there is an item on the Help menu "What is Key...".  If you have an older version of SlickEdit, you will need to click on the command line and enter the command "what-is".  You will be prompted for a key, hit Enter.  It should now show you what the Enter key is bound to.  For C++, that should be c_enter.

If for some reason, Enter is not bound to c_enter, you should go to Tools > Options > Key Bindings..., and bind it back to c_enter() for "C" mode only (uncheck "Affect all modes).


The key does not work the way I want and the way it used to work :-(  .

There is indeed an entry under help called "What is key..."  However, it does nothing when I press Enter, Ctrl-Enter, or Ctrl.  It does respond with  a list on a mouse click.

I went to Tools-Options-Key Bindings.  When I click on c-enter, it says that Enter is bound to Enter if I have unchecked "Affect all modes."  If I check "Affect all modes," it says that c-enter is not bound to a key.

The bad symptoms are that Enter only moves the cursor to the beginning of the next line.  To execute line commands I must either press ctrl-enter or right-ctrl.


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