Author Topic: Mark Your Path With Breadcrumbs (Pushed Bookmarks)  (Read 7335 times)


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Mark Your Path With Breadcrumbs (Pushed Bookmarks)
« on: April 03, 2008, 03:50:51 PM »
Use Pushed Bookmarks to set temporary "breadcrumbs" as you move throughout your code. To illustrate using a simple example, perhaps you have three spots in your code you want to examine. You can push a bookmark (drop a breadcrumb) at each location, one right after the other. To push a bookmark, from the main menu, click Search > Push Bookmark (or use the push_bookmark command). Each bookmark is placed on top of the Pushed Bookmark stack. When you're done pushing the bookmarks, you can start "popping" the bookmarks. Popping a bookmark takes you to the last bookmark on the stack and removes it. This way, you can return to each of the three instances to make any necessary modifications or for further examination. To pop a bookmark, press Ctrl+Comma (Search > Pop Bookmark or pop_bookmark).

Bonus Tip: Bind the push_bookmark command to a key or key sequence if you use it frequently.

More tips about this feature here...
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