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Context TB scrolling behaviour (fixed)
« on: April 05, 2008, 12:13:27 PM »
@SickTeam: Scrolling lags are away now thanks to the timed preview update, but the scrolling behaviour is/was still a bit flaky with the scrollbar being active.
I've applied a patch which solves this remaining problem. A shadow list is used when dup checking is done in find_selected_symbol() to avoid touching p_cb_list_box. This list is managed in the DROP_DOWN handler along with the p_cb_list_box.
I've also sucessfully tried to use _create_temp_view + _copy_from_view but I didn't really know what's better.
Hence a simple static list is used. I didn't notice a reasonable performance impact even with ''.

I'd also propose to add a new flag to def_context_toolbar_flags: CONTEXT_TOOLBAR_SORT_BY_LINE [line 5674]:
Code: [Select]
It's easy to implement and it's nice (e.g for me) to have the choice of the sort order similar to other toolbars.
It's already added in the attached module.

With these changes and a shortcut to 'activate-context' you get kinda poor mans 'ols'/'list-tags-plus' ;)
Unfortunately there is only a single (leading) char type ahead find implemented...

Please see the 'HS2-*' markers in the attached context.e (v13.0.0) to find the changes.

BTW: The same changes are also tested and working for SE v12.0.3.
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