Author Topic: Migrating to SE2008 from VS9 (doesn't work after install)  (Read 2842 times)


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Migrating to SE2008 from VS9 (doesn't work after install)
« on: April 09, 2008, 06:31:50 pm »
I finally got my employer to splurge for a new version of Slick, Wohoo!  I'm currently on SlickEdit v9.x.  I've been a slick user since we used DOS to develop OS/2 in 1988 (or there about).  It's always had some sort of instructions for migrating from prior releases, but I might be missing it in this case.  I assumed it would migrate my files automatically.  Maybe it did.  But the first launch failed saying the state file was invalid.  Steps I took:

1. backed up files (of course)
2. renamed c:\vslick (my v9 directory) to c:\SlickEdit2008
3. installed on top of v9 files in c:\SlickEdit2008 (appeared to work)
4. Launched

I get this message box before it bails:

'C:\SlickEdit2008\vslick.sta' is not recognized as a compatible state file or pcode file

Since I'm too impatient to wait for a reply, I'm going to uninstall, then install to a fresh directory.  I imagine I have to manually copy all my many macro files and customizations.  Are there steps documented for migrating v9 to the new version?  Didn't see it on the website or readme.



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Re: Migrating to SE2008 from VS9 (doesn't work after install)
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2008, 07:11:24 pm »

My understanding (not thorough, but enough) is that the new install finds the old install and copies appropriate settings over to the new install, with appropriate warnings about incompatibilities and such.  So the right thing would have been to just install 2008 and let it find v9.x.  This assumes that 9->2008 is as automatic as 11-2007 and 2007->2008. I suspect that if you roll back to the original name (c:\vslick) and run the install to a new directory, all will be well. 

btw, I used OS/2 for years.  Loved it.  Sorry to see it go.