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SlickEdit v11.0.2 is available!
« on: August 29, 2006, 09:23:33 pm »
SlickEdit v11.0.2 is now available from our website at

This release corrects many of the problems discovered in v11.0.1 that were reported on this forum. It contains all of the hot fixes available since the release of v11.0.1. In particular, it fixes the build problem and the errors with next-error and prev-error. Please let us know if any of the items we list below are still causing problems.

--Scott W

v11.0.2 Key Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  •         Added menu item to install hot fixes. Hot fixes are small, localized changes to
            address a specific problem with the previous release, and are distributed on the
            SlickEdit Support Web site. To install a hot fix, save the ZIP file to your
            computer, then select Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix (load_hotfix
            command). Browse to and select the hot fix ZIP file, then click OK. A
            confirmation prompt will appear describing the hot fix. Click Yes and the
            installation will start. To see a list of hot fixes installed, select Help >
            Product Updates > List Installed Fixes
    (list_hotfixes command). To
            uninstall a hot fix, use the command unload_hotfix.

            Unloading a hot fix will reload the original files distributed with the
            previously installed release of SlickEdit. If other hot fixes include the
            same file or are dependent on the unloaded files, SlickEdit may behave
            unpredictably. If more than one hot fix has been installed, you may need to
            reinstall the other hot fixes after removing one of them.
  •         Fixed bug that reslistted in corruption of the current file when starting a build.
  •         Fixed problem with next-error failing to find errors.
  •         Fixed problem with cursor-error failing to jump to files.
  •         Fixed problem with builds hanging.
  •         Added an additional option to the Comment wrap options tab that allows the
            entire feature to be turned on and off.  The Document > Comment Wrap
            menu item toggles this new option and is enabled when editing inside or outside
            a comment.
  •         Fixed problem where pressing Home at the end of a comment wolistd take you to the
            home of the comment first, marking the line as modified. (But not the file.)
  •         Workaround for problems with Find/Replace text not being selected on Solaris™/SunOS™.
  •         Added ability to use URL mapping to path local paths to other local paths.
  •         Fix handling of </ for XSD and TLD files.
  •         Fixed problem where Auto-Complete wolistd not stay up when brought up manually
            using the autocomplete command.
  •         Fixed problem where Auto-Complete wolistd cause the editor to slip into embedded
            language mode.
  •         Enhanced GDB debugging performance by avoiding updating locals and members if
            those windows are not open.
  •         Fixed problem with GDB debugger integration where Show info for a symbol
            under the mouse
    sholistd show value for a string, not just a pointer.
  •         Fixed bug doing find-tag specifically with Java™ constructors that
            have protected scope.
  •         Fixed bug where List Members incorrectly completed package names that included
  •         Added completion feature for typing new expressions in Java.
  •         Fixed bug where references and Quick Refactoring wolistd search the world for
            private members in Java code.
  •         Fixed bug where find-tag fails for member of local object within
            anonymous class.
  •         Fixed bug where find-tag failed for imported Java inner class.
  •         Fixed Slick-C™ stack when you press Close Buffer after you are
            prompted that the file on disk has been deleted and you are in "one file per
            window" mode.
  •         Fixed issue where you can't add a curly brace as the first char in any line.
  •         Fixed problem where Vim emlistation was not properly repeating commands when using
  •         Fixed issue with slow comment insertion for [font face="Courier,Courier New"]*.prg[/font]
            files for single line comments starting in Column one.
  •         Fixed bug where continuation indent on function parameters wolistd not honor
            function calls for template functions.
  •         Added preprocessing defines in order to improve tagging of Boost 1.31.
  •         Fixed bug which caused bookmarks not to be restored correctly.
  •         Fixed issue with vsbuild being recursive-called when trying to set
            environment variables or use call target.
  •         Fixed ActionScript parsing not handling package names correctly, import
            statements without semicolons, and issues with interfaces and classes not
            showing up in the Classes tool window. Global ActionScript tag files will need
            to be re-built.
  •         Fixed bug in Color Coding dialog where "Get..." feature did not support
            importing quoted keywords containing spaces.
  •         Several bug fixes and minor enhancements associated with Python language support:
    •                 Fixed bug in inserting spaces in select-block mode.
    •                 Fixed a Slick-C stack when typing an opening paren as the first character in
    •                 Fixed undesired un-indent of a current line when the line contains a colon
                      within square brackets (e.g. [1:10]).
    •                 Automatic unindent after continue or break keyword.
    •                 Fixed premature closing of a current context which caused the auto-complete to
                      not work when the cursor was past the last character of the buffer.
  •         Fixed a bug that caused opening of a file that begins with a tilde (~) to fail
            in GNU Emacs emlistation.
  •         Fixed mis-handling of a middle-mouse-click paste on Linux causing the "This
            clipboard format is not supported" message to show up improperly.
  •         Fixed a bug that caused jumping to an included file to fail in PHP mode.