Author Topic: Convert Single Line Statement to Brace-Enclosed Block (and vice-versa!)  (Read 11850 times)


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The Quick Brace feature can be used to convert a single line statement into a brace-enclosed block, so you can add new lines without having to manually position the cursor and type extra keystrokes. Quick Brace attempts to honor your brace style and indent settings. To use the feature, position the cursor where you would normally type the open brace and type it. SlickEdit automatically moves child statement to the next line if necessary, indented according to your indent levels, and inserts the closing brace.

To do the opposite of Quick Brace, use Unbrace. Unbrace removes braces from a brace-enclosed block that contains a single line statement, and moves the statement to the preceding line. Unbrace works on any brace-enclosed block that contains a single line statement, not just blocks created with Quick Brace. To use Unbrace, simply delete the opening brace.

See "Quick Brace" in the Help > Index for examples and more information.