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Slickedit on OpenSuSE 10.1 x86_64

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Will it work on x86_64 platform?

Never mind, I've downloaded the trial and tried it =)

It works, except several things I've discovered:
1. It didn't find any compilers installed on my SuSE 10.1 (I do have, I know, believe me =)), so I had to define it by myself.
2. i thought I'll see antialiased fonts because I found "Font Support for Linux using Xft" in the list of new features. But I did not.
I suppose it's due to x86_64 platform, but I have all 32bit libraries installed, and all other 32bit applications such as firefox working well with AA fonts. Is there any way how I can fix it? Maybe I should check for some libraries or config files in my system or find a log file where slickedit will tell me what is wrong? Because these aliased fonts looking veeeery weird almost everywhere =(

Works perfectly on my Gentoo AMD64 box,
Found all the gentoo cross compiler
no hassle, custom Vista fonts. on Gnome

Then I don't understand at all why this happens on such a popular distribution as OpenSuSE...

Also I found that russian letters in files are... not supported?
When I open files containing them, I see only "?" signs instead of right letters.
I selected right font that I know contains characters I need (Terminus, in unicode), and tried to open both UTF-8, CP1251 and KOI8 encodings of file itself and file/options/load setting, with no luck. I still see "?" signs instead of letters. And of course I can't write them.
Also I've tried other fonts, also with no luck.

My system's global encoding is UTF-8.
Does UTF-8 supported ok in slickedit? Because I see problems in build window, already discussed here:

./test.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’:
./test.cpp:10: error: ‘co’ was not declared in this scope

I like Slickedit in general, but these font issues I'm experiencing is really weird =(
Starting from missing AA in all fonts, that makes it impossible to use most of them =)


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