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Hi all,

This is my first post, been trying out SE 13.0.1 for linux for over a week, and purchased it yesterday... and I almost wish I hadn't.

I am trying to make SE manipulate the simple commands around a QT project. As we all know, qmake generates my Makefile with my Slickedit project file. I started with the generic C/C++ template, and added a tool called "QMake" which calls "qmake" in my project dir to generate the Makefile. I "pre-call" this tool from the build tool, and the build tool itself is "make" in %rp (project dir). This works fine.

Our executable is output to "../bin" from the %rp. And we need to run it from this ../bin directory absolutely. Simple enough, right? WRONG. In my "Execute" tool I have "Build first" checked, makes sense. And I have the "Run from dir" set to the proper directory (%rp../bin). If I un-checked the Build first, it works, when I check "build first", my executable is running from "%rp". I can then put whatever I want in "Run from dir" and it is totally ignored. I have noticed that in this state, if I empty the "run from dir" of my "build" tool, and instead have the command "make -C %rp" it WORKS!

Mmmh, so the "run from dir" of a downstream command somehow cancels the current commands directory.  One would think that this is a simple enough bug...

For this particular problem I have found a workaround, instead of checking "Build first", I clicked "advanced..." for my "execute" tool, and selected the "build" tool as something to call first before "execute". Happily, "run from dir"s are respected.

But I found many such bugs (or very strange behaviour) and am very frustrated now for all the money I made my company spend by vouching for what I thought was a solid product. For example, last year, in this thread:, mychong mentioned that:
I was unable to check the "Verbose output" option as it was grayed out. After clicking other available options (in my case, I just checked and unchecked the "Command is Slick-C macro" option), suddenly the "Verbose output" option became available, (This sounds like a bug to me!)
I am experiencing this problem still, after two (??) releases of the software.

Some other odd thing I had found while using SE non-makefile projects earlier was that by checking a dependent project, it doesn't make it part of the final link... what? Why am I selecting it then. OK, I added the archive (.a) producing project manually to the library list and it is linked now... But when I change that library, sure it gets built and re-archived, but guess what, my executable project doesn't link it in!!! Of course, a manually added library is usually more a static system library, not a project file... OMG this sucks. (Another topic maybe...)

Hope my venting, and experience with this issue at least helps someone, and hopefully prompts some quick fixes to the app. (BTW, using 13.0.1 on Linux with the latest hotfix, at the time of writing).

Phil Barila

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Re: Custom projects, "run from dir", verbose output, bugs bugs bugs...
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Please file a formal bug report, referencing your post.  You've clearly found some issues, but this forum is primarily users helping users.  You paid for support, take advantage of it.


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Re: Custom projects, "run from dir", verbose output, bugs bugs bugs...
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Send the formal bug report to  Try to include specific steps to reproduce the problem, so that the SlickTeam can understand the exact scenario and how to reproduce it, so they can then debug and fix it.