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S-Expression Navigation


Commands (and key bindings) are available for Emacs-like S-expression navigation. These work in all emulations.

* The next_sexp (Ctrl+Alt+Right) and prev_sexp (Ctrl+Alt+Left) commands can be compared to next_word and prev_word, except that they treat blocks as words.

* The backward_up_sexp (Ctrl+Alt+Up) command is the shortcut for navigating to the start of the immediately enclosing block (in Lisp, this would be the open paren).

* The forward_down_sexp (Ctrl+Alt+Down) command is used to drill into a block. If the cursor is at the start of a block, it moves the cursor to the first S-expression within the block; otherwise, it behaves like next_sexp.

* The commands select_prev_sexp (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left) and select_next_sexp (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right) extend a character selection from the cursor position to the start of the next or previous S-expression, respectively. Like the Shift+Cursor commands do to CUA style selections, if executed repeatedly, they will extend the current character selection.

* The cut_prev_sexp (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) command will delete the S-expression to the left of the cursor and copy it to the clipboard. Again, if called repeatedly, this will prepend the subsequent deletions to the clipboard.


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