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New blog on Slick-C macros and related information
« on: September 23, 2008, 08:09:39 pm »
This message is informational and relates mainly to Slickedit macros. I've started a blog at, titled "My Slickedit Macros: for Wordsmiths and Code Mavens." The blog gives me the opportunity to post my own macros, comments and links whenever I want, drawing on as many Slickedit resources as possible from across the Web and elsewhere. It isn't meant to detract from the official Slickedit Community forums. I hope the blog will encourage the sharing of Slick-C code between sites.

I'm not a developer, but rather, a technical writer/editor. Slickedit has been my editor of choice for about 10 years. My macros tend to be relatively simple and utilitarian, so don't expect anything too advanced. In any case I hope you like the blog. Don't hesitate to recommend improvements, to point out bugs or to submit code of your own for posting.

Mandatory disclaimer: If you see any code on the blog that you feel belongs to you or someone else, please feel free to tell me.  I don't think this will happen but, if it does, I'll promptly remove or attribute the material as you see fit.