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A functional lamp
« on: October 02, 2008, 11:19:05 am »
As mentioned in this topic by ScottW, SlickEdit is not a functional enough lamp to handle scheme, lisp, haskell, and other functional programming languages.  However, I feel confident in the abilities of the SlickEdit Team to bring functional language development to slick-edit.

Thankfully, it already supports s-expression navigation which should mean there is already some pre-existing code that could be reusable (or at least refactorable) to parse scheme and common lisp code.  A truly excellent addition would be the support of java bytecode along with Clojure and Scala (which are functional languages that compile to java bytecode).  Haskell would also be very useful.

Success with these languages depends on more than just syntax highlighting, advanced movement/searching, and helpful completions.  With most of these languages, you need something like swank/slime (Superior Lisp Interaction Mode) to connect to a real live code environment and try some shit out (a REPL).  While implementing a generic enough feature to support interaction modes with several different languages and environments is certainly a hefty task, the benefits it reaps are many!  Not only would it make SlickEdit a functional vehicle for me to drive with pleasure (in scheme/lisp/haskell), it would hook into many other languages very cleanly.  Specifically, I am talking about ruby, python, perl, javascript, and maybe given some effort even php and C++ for some insane reason. 

Until SlickEdit is a more functional vehicle, it will never be Slick enough for me.