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Assistance sought from SE : paid
« on: December 08, 2008, 05:14:50 pm »
My company has a project in which SlickEdit is a component and of late I have been the programmer most responsible for work on this aspect. I've been operating in the realm of modifying certain of the Slick 'system' macro files. Despite there being a goodly number of hooks, in some cases I've not seen how to achieve what I want that way and, consequently, have made a small number of changes in said files.

What I have right now is close to what I want and I have achieved it with very little modification. BUT close isn't close enough and I believe what I need is assistance from a programmer within the SlickEdit company. Apart from help in achieving exactly the desired functionality, clearly I am interested to avoid direct changes within the system macro files. Currently, the files concerned are: codehelp.e and debugpkg.e.

Although I don't think we're talking 'quantities' of time, I am cost-sensitive. I can demonstrate the project remotely to exactly show my points of focus. It's likely that one of my changes, although specific, will be of value to SlickEdit users more at large. If the work results in the addition of new hooks, even more so.

If the appropriate SlickEdit staffer will respond to my post, we can take things from there.

Thanks kindly.
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