Author Topic: Record Macro not including all steps  (Read 2562 times)


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Record Macro not including all steps
« on: December 17, 2008, 01:50:04 pm »
I'm trying to record a macro to import project files (I also plan to modify the Slick-C code to automatically import from a file which matches the project name - I'm a Slick-C newbie).
I Record Macro the following sequence:
Project->Project Properties->Import->OK (using the already populated Import file)
Then Stop Recording.
When I run the macro, it only goes as far as Project->Project Properties
The Slick-C code is below.
Any reason why it doesn't run all steps?

#include ""
_command importFilesToProject() name_info(','VSARG2_MACRO|VSARG2_MARK|VSARG2_REQUIRES_MDI_EDITORCTL)



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Re: Record Macro not including all steps
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2008, 02:17:30 pm »
to add project to workspace call:

Code: [Select]
_command int workspace_insert(_str filename='',boolean quiet=false,
                              boolean AllowEmptyFiles=false,
                              boolean RetagWorkspaceFiles=true)

to add file to (current) project call:
Code: [Select]
_command int project_add_file,paf(_str newfilename="",boolean quiet=false,_str ProjectName=_project_name, _str& msg=null)

Code: [Select]

_command importFilesToProject() name_info(','VSARG2_MACRO|VSARG2_MARK|VSARG2_REQUIRES_MDI_EDITORCTL)