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Limiting Scope of Tags to the Active Project



Has anyone found or is there already a means of limiting the scope of tags to just the Active project? (I've got several projects in a single workspace - about 80% of the function names are the same in all the projects. While it's nice to be able to navigate to same-named functions in any of the projects, I'd love to be able to navigate in one step to just the function belonging to the active project.)



This is a common request -- we have a change request filed to add an option for tagging to behave this way.

The reason we have held off on implementing it is we do not have a terrific solution for the person who has that option enabled, but then he wants to jump to a tag with the same name in another project.  While not the common case, there will be times when you need to do this, so there must be a convenient way to get the old behavior.

It is too inconvenient to toggle the option on/off as needed.  It is too demanding to add a new command or a new keyboard shortcut to show all choices.  Keep in mind, we would have to solve this for both Ctrl+Dot and Ctrl+Slash (references).

There is one proposed solution, which is to prompt showing all the available symbol matches like we do now, but float the matches in the current project up to the top of the list.  Then most of the time you would just hit "enter" to jump to the tag in your current project.  It does mean that you will be prompted even if there is exactly one symbol in your current projects (and others in other projects), instead of going directly to the tag.


Instead of the active project coming first, shouldn't it be that the project that comes first is the one that owns the source file where the command was initiated?

Also, if both implementation and header file are in the list (in the case of C/C++), then the .c/.c++ file should come before .h (or at least provide a way of choosing).

I think there's a related problem where the find dialog searches only in one project when you use the <Project> thing  - this also needs a way of selecting which project in the workspace you want to searh in, preferably defaulting to the one that owns the file where the search was initiated.



Forgot to mention -  some buttons in the dialog itself that allowed (persistent) selection of what was displayed and the ordering would be nice  :)



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