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Anybody using CM/Synergy with SlickEdit?


I am trying to use CM/Synergy with SlickEdit. I can get it to sync up between the two for the current session only, once I close SlickEdit it loses the connections between the files and the SCC database. The specification for the connection still exists and if I add the files back to the database thru SE it's sync'd fine, I just need to accept two dialogs per file "added" (complaining that the files currently exist in the database). This gets frustrating when dealing with 50+ files (I haven't even looked to see how this is polluting the SCC database). Then I rebooted the computer and I now can't even get it to show that any files are under control even after adding them.

I am currently in a project using CM/Synergy 6.3, but I haven't found any SCC interface for that, and no preconfigured set of command lines. Am I missing something?
I currently use a local workspace, synchronized by external commands. I don't like GUI's all that much. Maybe I should incorporate my various scripts and command lines into SlickEdit, and test it on the scratch database we have here...




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