Author Topic: Continually frustrated with Tagging and Auto Completion in SlickEdit.  (Read 1875 times)


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First let me say, I have been using SE for many years and I do like it in many ways.
However, my frustration with the tagging and auto-completion functionality is at such a point that I am very close to saying heck with it when working with C++ and C# .NET projects. Especially the latter.

The tagging support in Visual Studio is completely transparent. I don't have to think about it at all. It simply works and works effectively. In fact I have never found any faults in it at all.

SE on the other hand so many times does not work and I am usually at a loss to know why and how to fix it. Off course I don't think I should have to fix it. It should just work and like VS be transparent. I shouldn't have to think about tagging and auto completion.

My latest problem. I have a VS 2005 solution with many projects. I can see in the tag file that all the source files have been tagged.
When I am creating the class construction using a template like so for example:

public class MyClass : MyBaseClass<MyTemplateClass>

When I get to the point of typing "<My", Slickedit shows a few possibilities in a drop down but it does not list MyTemplateClass. Why is that?
However, I know that SE knows about MyTemplateClass because if I type it out fully myself and press Ctrl+. SE jumps to the correct file containing that class definition. Visual Studio does not have this problem. I have problems similar to this so often it is getting frustrated.
I've been giving SE too long to get this kind of things right and it is just not happening.

-- Sanjay


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Re: Continually frustrated with Tagging and Auto Completion in SlickEdit.
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Well, SE can't compete with a specific IDE tailored to a specific language, unless that other IDE is brain dead. However, SE does have *many* redeeming qualities. It is a multi-purpose IDE. The tagging engine does the work it needs to do. Of course, it will never be fully transperant.

For Java, I use IntelliJ. SE can't supply the richness of IntelliJ. I don't expect it to do that. I however need to do PL/SQL but I don't expect IntelliJ to help me there. But, SE helps me tremendously there.

I also have created, some custom macros and that is cool.