Author Topic: Can SlickEdit generate a list of the current include paths that it is using?  (Read 2439 times)


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Suppose I have a SlickEdit tag file that I am using, is there a way to generate a text file that is a list of the include paths the tag file is using to locate the files in my project?

Basically I have a program that I am using that requires a text file containing a list of include paths, and I am wondering if SlickEdit has a built in way generating one, or something similar from its own internal list.

The idea is that I would be working in SlickEdit, then I call my macro that sends the file I am working on into the program. I would like to be able to also pass it an include path list built from the SlickEdit tag I already have made.

I assume that if there is no built in way of doing this, there probably is some macro I could write to do something similar. It wouldn't necessarily even have to save the paths to a file, you could pass them as an argument to the program.

Thanks for any help


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For the files in your project, tagging gets the full file paths from the project, i.e. it doesn't use include paths because it already knows the full path to each file from when you told it what files are in the project.