Author Topic: _set_focus turns off macro recording when using title_change.e [fix]  (Read 6893 times)


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My problem was that I couldn't get SlickEdit to record searches during macro recording in Vim emulation mode.

It turns out that if you have the title_change.e macro from the SlickEdit website, when _set_focus is called, somehow the fact that title_change is a _command instead of a normal function causes macro recording to get turned off.

The fix is simple enough:

change the signature of title_change to

Code: [Select]
_str _title_change(_str new_title='  ')
and update all calls to title_change to use that instead.

You  can also add a wrapper function to allow you to manually change the title still:

Code: [Select]
_command _str title_change(_str new_title='  ') name_info(',')
   return _title_change( new_title );